Valerenga Fotball

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Intility Arena

Innspurten 16

0663, Oslo



Valerenga Fotball

Vålerenga Fotball is one of Norway’s biggest clubs and is a club for everyone, regardless of sex, religion, colour, or sexual orientation. Both our men and women team plays in the highest league and we have a huge department of young players from 6-18 years old. We are also one of the largest football clubs in Oslo when it comes to grass-roots football. We have approximately 80 teams, and 1000 active players, with backgrounds from more than 74 nationalities. Vålerenga also has the biggest community programme run by any sports club in Norway.

The community programmes are divided into three main targets: Integration, Inclusion and work training. Vålerenga Against Racism offers children, adolescents, and adults, free physical activities, because we know that sport integrates, and Vålerenga Football Club wishes to promote positive behaviour. Our Job Opportunity Program gives valuable job-training for people that, for various reasons, find themselves currently unemployed and the purpose of the Integration Project is to be preeminent in alleviating problems concerning poverty and integration.

They use football as a tool to work with all three projects. The club has been working with community programmes since mid-90`s and has evolved a great knowledge in a lot of areas regarding social entrepreneurship. They have received prices from UEFA and ECA for our community work. Especially on our fight against racism and work training. Vålerenga Football Club has always been an important contributor to the community in Oslo and our goal is to make Oslo a better place to live. This community spirit makes them “The Pride of Oslo”.