Delivery of Active Fans

Delivery of Active Fans

The Erasmus+ Sport funded Active Fans Programme kicked off in February 2018 and activities are being delivered over a 24-month period.

Creation of an Active Fans / Healthy Football League  Methodology, Practitioners’ Guide, Website and App

EFDN, jointly with the participating Active Fans programme members, using the data gathered (test results, training and events experiences, feedback from participants, stakeholders and partners via the above mentioned processes) to identify the key components, or ‘critical success factors’, of effective delivery across each of the targeted social policy outcome areas, i.e.:

  • Increased participation in sport, physical activity and voluntary activity.
  • Raised awareness about a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing

Create a set of innovative online and hardcopy resources for practitioners and a wide range of stakeholders (sport clubs, national/regional authorities, governing sport bodies) to promote and implement this new innovative sport activity to deliver the highest possible impacts on defined social policy outcomes.

The Active Fans / Healthy Football League Methodology including training courses, website, app and Practitioners Guide includes guidance with regard to:

  • Approach: in terms of targeting and engaging with potential participants.
  • Timing: of activities (e.g. daily/weekly, evenings, weekends etc.).
  • Staff: numbers, age profile, experience, qualifications etc.
  • Activities: recommended activities to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Partners: which organisations and stakeholders are useful / critical for clubs / organisations to use the Active Fans Methodology in a successful programme
  • Method: Healthy Football League methodology