Marketing of Active Fans Sessions

8 April 2020

Marketing of Active Fans Sessions

How to contact people

First of all, we would like to advise you create content that is simple to understand. Your social media channels can be an efficient tool to attract participants, as the majority of people of the target group for Active Fans have social media accounts nowadays. Alternatively, you could reach out via match-day programmes, handing out flyers in local areas or by visiting community centres.

Use the same structure as Walking Football sessions but change the following for Active Fans:

 Posters & Flyers

  • Flyers and poster design
  • Local media channels
  • Local community groups
  • Social media platform
  • Facebook


When promoting and advertising your Active Fans sessions you may want to consider specific messages to entice your target audience. The following are examples of content that can support your marketing campaigns :

Become an Active Fan

Are you looking for a way to get fit again? Do you want to increase your physical activity levels while having fun with other like-minded people? Then our Active Fans sessions are just what you are looking for! Time to get fit again with your favourite team and their high quality staff members !

Get fit for your club!

Being a spectator in football is all about dealing with tough luck and bad results, as well as happiness and euphoria. By getting fit, you will be able to experience all these feelings off the pitch too! Meet up at your club every week to improve your health and become an Active Fan.

Back to fitness!

Going through some health struggles ? Join the Active Fans sessions to get back to fitness and enjoy some great moments with other fans by practicing physical activity in groups. Make new friends, meet your fellow fans and enjoy the ride!

Move for your happiness!

Do you think that physical activity is not for you ? We are convinced that Active Fans sessions can make you feel the opposite. Come and join our workout sessions for a life changing experience!