Challenges related to Active Fans sessions

11 February 2020

Challenges related to Active Fans sessions

Mixed-gender sessions

A few of the project partners had problems with delivering to mixed-gender groups due to self-confidence issues among some participants. This meant that a few of the trainees felt uncomfortable during the session.

Management of the facilities

This proved a problem for some project partners and close collaboration is recommended between session organisers and facility managers to find slots. Another challenge that was observed, was finding a time that could fit the schedule of all the participants.

Legal protection

At the start of the programme, there will be participants who have not practiced sports in a long time. Some may be at high risk of suffering heart failure. Caution must be observed and medical criteria taken into consideration. Clubs advise you undertake medical checks at the beginning to understand the limits of each participant and other check-ups in weeks 6 and 12 for participant safety.

Cultural differences

You may have some cultural differences in your group, which can be challenging to manage at times. However, it is of the utmost importance to integrate everybody, as Active Fans is a programme designed for all.

Obsession with weight loss

Some participants can be really focused on the aspect of losing weight and this could turn into an obsession for them. Organisers need to ensure that the participants don’t pay too much attention to these numbers, because there are several indicators of improvement that can be measured that may be a better indication of how well they are doing.

Athletic but also mental work

The main role of a coach is to deliver physical activity sessions, but they also needs to support their trainees in the mental aspects of exercise . This will decrease the amount of drop-outs and provide the participants with the necessary support.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part can be a challenge for coaches depending on their enthusiasm for the topic, but it is an essential part of the project. Coaches need to find a way of making the theoretical parts of the programme more approachable and make sure trainees are able to retain as much information as possible.