Active Fans Interview – Colin Fisher: “I have more energy”

16 July 2019

Active Fans Interview – Colin Fisher: “I have more energy”

I have more energy and I am more aware of what I am eating and the effect it has on me.
– Colin Fisher, participant of the Rangers Active Fans programme.

The Active Fans programme aims to develop a new European standard and methodology that uses football as a tool to reach men and women from 35 years and older who would like to get physically active again, make lifestyle changes and improve their diets.

Within the Active Fans programme (funded by Erasmus), the participants receive the opportunity to learn about nutrition, get physically active and start to feel the benefits of weight loss and increased energy.

Colin Fisher, age 46, lost over 18lbs during his Active Fans course. The Rangers Charity Foundation caught up with him, to hear about his experience:

Why did you get involved with Rangers Charity Foundation’s Active Fans projects?

I knew in myself that I needed to improve my fitness, as well as needing to lose weight and doing it on my own never worked as I always lost the motivation. However, knowing that likeminded bears were doing the same, well this was the perfect opportunity for me and one that I am proud to be a part of.

What were you highs and lows during the course?

Where better to run than round than the pitch at Ibrox? It is always a high running out the tunnel, also the support and encouragement you get from John and Harry, as well as the other participants, you build up quite a camaraderie. Lows were few and far between but having the odd lapse in watching what I was eating was tough, but knowing I had a goal and I would be weight at the next session, managed to get me back on track.

Other than weight loss, were there any other benefits you’ve taken away from participating?

I have more energy and I am more aware of what I am eating and the effect it has on me.  Also, being able to walk to the top of the club deck without stopping, has been great, I get to the top and I am no longer gasping for air, something I haven’t been able to do for a few years.

Also, during the programme, I did sober for October, which also helped with the weight lose and the fact I feel fresher is a bonus.

How has taking part impacted your future quality of life? 

I have more get up and go. Walking/jogging every day has helped me keep it going. I have gone from average 6,000 steps a day to well over 12,000 so I have managed to double my daily step count, which has been pleasing as I can feel the difference and going out is no longer a chore.

Do you have any plans for the future, to continue to improve your health and wellbeing?

I am doing the Tuesday night sessions that John and Harry run, these sessions have been fantastic as it helps me keep up the good work and makes sure that I am still on track.  I am also out with our cockapoo (Riley) either walking or jogging every night to make sure I am getting the recommended steps in and will continue to do so as it now doesn’t feel like a chore but part of my daily routine.

What would you say to other individuals, who are considering taking part?

I would say it is hard and not easy changing your routine or lifestyle, but if you are serious then this is a fantastic programme, you get healthy eating advice and lots of support from John and the team, as well as your other participants, so I would say LET’s GO and get fit…


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