Practitioner’s Guide – Set up your Active Fans programme

25 May 2020

Practitioner’s Guide – Set up your Active Fans programme

The Active Fans Practitioner’s Guide will enable football and sport clubs, foundations, and various other community inspired organisations from all over Europe to implement the Active Fans methodology in their respective regions and inspire thousands of others to get involved in Active Fans sessions.

Download the Practitioner’s Guide

The Practitioner’s Guide includes information on:

  • Aims                                                                                             
  • Why deliver an Active Fans programme?                           
  • The project                                                                                 
  • Health & Social impact                                                            
  • Main areas of focus                                                                  
  • Partnerships & Funding opportunities                                
  • Marketing                                                                                   
  • How to plan the Active Fans sessions?                                
  • How to deliver your Active Fans sessions?                         
  • Health and Safety                                                                     
  • Pre, Mid term & post questionnaire                                    
  • Monitoring & evaluation of the programme                     
  • Advice from Active Fans partners                                         
  • The social component                                                       
  • Challenges                                                                                  
  • Programme budget