Active Fans success story

13 May 2020

Active Fans success story

Improved health outcomes is one of the objectives of the Active Fans programme. Weight loss is one component. A success story conveys best the intended results and demonstrate the impact Active Fans has on participants.

A 50-year old participant began with a weight of 101.4 kg, 128 cm waist, a body mass index (BMI) of 36.1 with blood pressure of 135/85.

After the 12-week programme, they had lost 13.1 kg! Their new weight was now 87.3 kg with a waist of 105 cm, a 23 cm decrease. An improved BMI of 31.3 was observed and blood pressure of 130/80.

Impressively, the participant had lost 14.1 kg, 23 cm around the waist and 4.8 on the BMI score with a -5/-5 for blood pressure.

Active Fans numbers – Improvements

Participants : 375

Weight loss : – 1152.8 kg

Waist loss : – 2040.1 cm

BMI : From – 0.7 to 1

Blood pressure: -4 to -5